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We are a small consultant company with 20 years of experience in developing cost efficient control systems for mobile machines. With our experince and network we can independently help you select the best solution for your needs depending on the size and project type. By independtly helping you select hardware and software you will get the best cost efficient product in the end.


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

Selection of different projects that we have been involved in.
Everything in embbed software development, e.g. ISOBUS, MODBUS, CANopen, Gui development. Lowpower bluetooth. Small embedded webserver for controlling your machine. Hydraulic controllers using advanced selfsetting PID or modelbased-regulators. CANbus communication setups. C/C++ , Lua, HTML, Java, Rust, JS -development. Everything from project setup to unit tests, static analysis, debugging, requirement based tests, hardware setups, both electronics, wiring and hydraulics. We can also help you with setting up a system, programmed and ready to be delivered to you, either by one of the suppliers you choose or from us.

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We are committed to use a strategy that boost smart, clean and secure technology. Helping companies and individuals trive and fight climate change

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Contact us by email or telephone to hire a professional software developer. With a passion for developing embedded software we will do our best to fulfill our customers need

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